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Holding first International Conference on Internet of Things (IoT2017) at the University of Isfahan and first International Conference on Smart Cities and Internet of Things (SCIoT2018) at the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad,the University of Isfahan and The Ferdowsi University of Mashhad are now jointly organizing the 3rd International Conference on Internet of Things and Applications to be held on April 24-25, 2019 in University of Isfahan, Iran. These universities, among the top-ranked universities in the Middle East with their strong research culture, will host researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners in the field of IoT, to exchange their latest research results and findings. It is anticipated that the meeting will gather many people from all around the world.

Enabling Technologies
-    Low power and energy harvesting sensors
-    Wireless Technologies,WSN
-    Smart City Communication Infrastructures
-    IoT networking Protocols
-    IoT Data Management Solutions and Platforms,Streaming Data Management
-    Network Design and Architectures for IoT
-    Mobile Technologies/Services for IoT
-    Ultra-Dense Networks (UDN)
-    Machine to Machine Communications (M2M/MTC)
-    Efficient Protocols for Resource-Constrained Networks (Energy Efficiency,Spectrum Efficiency,etc.)
-    Future Internet and IoT
-    Embedded Systems
-    IoT Firmwares and Operating Systems
-    Security,Privacy-Preserving and Trust Mechanisms for IoT
-    Network Management and IoT
-    Intelligent Systems for IoT
-    3D printing/scanning
-    Advanced Object Identification and Localization

IoT Services and Applications
-    Web of Things
-    IoT Platforms and Middlewares
-    Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality,human-to-object and object-to-object interactions
-    IoT and Security Management Services
-    Things-Centric,Service-Centric and Data-Centric Architecture
-    Location Aware/Context Aware Services and IoT
-    IoT and eHealth
-    Smart City and IoT
-    Smart City Standards
-    Smart City Services
-    Smart Environments,Environment Monitoring
-    Intelligent Transportation Systems,  IoV
-    Smart Grids and Smart Energy
-    Smart Home,Building Automation and Management
-    Industrial IoT and I4

IoT and Computing
-    Cloud Computing and IoT
-    Fog Computing and IoT
-    Edge Computing and IoT

IoT and Data Science
-    IoT Data Analytics,Big Data
-    Semantic Data and IoT
-    Smart Data
-    IoT and Social Networks
-    Deep Learning,Learning From BigData

Important Dates
Paper submission due: 5 January 2019
Acceptance notification: 19 February 2019
Camera ready submission: 30 March 2019
Conference registration due: 30 March 2019
Conference date: 17-18 April 2019

Conference Secretariat: Faculty of Computer Engineering,University of Isfahan,Isfahan,Iran
Telephone: +98 031 37934029
Conference Venue: Central Building,University of Isfahan,Isfahan,Iran
Contact Person: Zahra Askari

Thursday 13 December 2018

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